Carmen were an English-American art-rock/flamenco band, initially based in Los Angeles, that released the album Fandangos in Space on Regal Zonophone (U.K.) and ABC (U.S.) in 1973. After relocating to London, the band released the U.K.-only Dancing on a Cold Wind in 1974. A third album, The Gypsies, appeared in the U.S. on Mercury in 1975.

Members: David Allen (vocals, guitar, piano, Mellotron, synthesizer), Angela Allen (vocals, piano, Mellotron, synthesizer), Dennis Trerotola (vocals, 1970-71), Marc Anthony (guitar, 1970-72), Brian Glascock (drums, 1970-73), Adam Moody (guitar, 1970-71), Mark Moody (bass, 1970-71), Vicente (1970-71), Rick Chavez (guitar, 1971-72), Nigel Griggs (bass, 1971-72), Roberto Amaral (vocals, vibraphone, chimes, castanets, percussion, 1971-75), John Glascock (bass, vocals, synthesizer, 1972-75), Paul Fenton (drums, percussion, vocals, 1973-75), Mary Hopkin (vocals, 1974), Chris Karan (percussion, 1974), David Katz (violin, 1974)


  • Fandangos in Space (1973)
  • Dancing on a Cold Wind (1975)
  • The Gypsies (1975)

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