The Cardiacs were an English art-rock band from Kingston upon Thames that began life as Cardiac Arrest in 1977, recording numerous demos and releasing two cassettes circa 1980/81. Under the truncated nameplate, the band issued a string of albums, EPs, and live discs on self-press Alphabet Business Concern between 1984 and 1999.

Members: Tim Smith (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Jim Smith (bass), Colvin Mayers (synthesizer, 1981), Mark Cawthra (drums, 1981-83), Sarah Smith (saxophone, 1981-90), Dominic Luckman (drums, 1982-94), Tim Quy (percussion, 1982-90), William D. Drake (keyboards, 1983-90), Marguerite Johnson (saxophone, 1983-84), Graham Simmonds (guitar, 1983-84), Christian “Bic” Hayes (guitar, 1989-90), Jon Poole (guitar, 1991-2004), Bob Leith (drums, 1994-present), Kavus Torabi (guitar, 2004-present), Claire Lemmon, (vocals, 2004-present), Melanie Woods (vocals, 2004-present), Sharron Fortnam (vocals, 2004-?), Cathy Harabaras (percussion, 2004-present), Dawn Staple (percussion, 2004-present)


  • Toy World (1981)
  • The Seaside (1984)
  • Seaside Treats (EP, 1985)
  • Big Ship (EP, 1987)
  • There’s Too Many Irons in the Fire (EP, 1987)
  • A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window (1988)
  • On Land and in the Sea (1989)
  • Day Is Gone (EP, 1991)
  • Heaven Born and Ever Bright (1992)
  • Sing to God (1996)
  • Guns (1999)

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