Canarios were a popular Spanish rock band that was active for 10 years, starting in 1964. The band released numerous shortplayers in the beat and psych veins during the late 1960s, followed by two albums on B.T. Puppy and Barclay in 1970. Their career climaxed with the symphonic/operatic Ciclos, released on Ariola in 1974.

Members: Teddy Bautista (lead vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar), Germán Perez (lead guitar, 1964-69), Tato Luzardo (drums, 1964-69), Álvaro Yebenes (bass, 1966-69, 1972), Vicente Maiquez (saxophone, 1967-72), Feliciano “Nano” Muñoz (trumpet, 1967-72), Alfredo Maiquez (trombone, 1967-72), Graham Bircumshaw (keyboards, 1967-72), Pedro Ruy-Blas (vocals, 1968), Alberto Gómez (drums, 1970-71), Chimo (lead guitar, 1970-71), Lennox Holness (bass, 1970-71), Jean Pierre Gómez (guitar, 1971-72), Alain Richard (drums, 1972-74), Salvador Domínguez (guitar, 1972), Christian Mellies (bass, 1974), Mathias Sanveillan (keyboards, violin, 1974), Antonio García de Diego (lead guitar, vocals, 1974)


  • Flying High With The Canaries (1970 • The Canaries)
  • Libérate! (1970)
  • Ciclos (1974)

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