Cameo are an American soul-funk band from N.Y.C. that released eight albums on Casablanca-subsidiary Chocolate City between 1977 and 1982, followed by six further albums on Atlanta Artists between 1983 and 1990.

Members: Larry Blackmon (vocals, bass, drums, percussion, guitar), Tomi Jenkins (lead vocals, timbales), Nathan Leftenant (trumpet, vocals, 1974-91, 1995-2001), Gregory Johnson (keyboards, piano, synthesizer, vocals, 1976-83), Arnett Leftenant (saxophone, vocals, 1976-82), Eric Durham (guitar, vocals, 1976-79), William Revis (bass, 1976-77), Charles Sampson (guitar, 1976-77), Kurt Jeter (vocals, 1976), Wayne Cooper (vocals, percussion, 1977-80), Anthony Lockett (guitar, vocals, bass, 1978-82), Aaron Mills (bass, vocals, 1979-82, 1990-present), Jeryl Bright (trombone, vocals, 1980-82, 1990-91, 1995), Stephen Moore (vocals, 1980-82), Charlie Singleton (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, 1981-present), Thomas Campbell (keyboards, piano, synthesizer, 1981), Lloyd Oby (vocals, trombone, 1982), Kevin Kendrick (keyboards, synthesizer, bass, 1984-87, 1990-94), Melvin Wells (vocals, bass, saxophone, 1984-87, 1990-91, 1995-96), Mike Burnett (bass, 1984, 1986-89), Rod Antoon (keyboards, 1984), Alan Prater (trombone, 1984), Wesley Phillips (trumpet, 1984), Barry Johnson (bass, 1985), Fred Wells (guitar, 1985)

Cameo evolved from the New York City Players, a 14-piece funk ensemble formed in 1974 by singer, drummer, and percussionist Larry Blackmon. The prior year, he cut an album with soul-funksters East Coast, which also included keyboardist Gregory Johnson, singer Gwen Guthrie, and songwriter Patrick Grant. Blackmon had also served as a backing drummer for Harlem soul trio Black Ivory.

Blackmon soon learned that the name New York City Players — conceived in response to the Ohio Players — was already in use by another act. They shortened the name to The Players and issued the 1975 single “Find My Way” (b/w “Good Company“), the inaugural release on Casablanca-subsidiary Chocolate City. Both sides were written and produced by Johnny Melfi (Jakki, Camouflage, Gentlemen & Their Ladies). Soon thereafter, the band changed its name to Cameo.


  • Cardiac Arrest (1977)
  • We All Know Who We Are (1978)
  • Ugly Ego (1978)
  • Secret Omen (1979)
  • Cameosis (1980)
  • Feel Me (1980)
  • Knights of the Sound Table (1981)
  • Alligator Woman (1982)
  • Style (1983)
  • She’s Strange (1984)
  • Single Life (1985)
  • Word Up! (1986)
  • Machismo (1988)


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