Bush Tetras

Bush Tetras were an American No Wave/punk-funk band from NYC that released three shortplayers on the specialty labels 99 and Fetish in 1980/83. A live cassette, Wild Things, appeared on ROIR upon the band’s initial breakup in 1983. Guitarist Pat Place hailed from James Chance‘s Blacks/Contortions conglomerate and the ZE Records super-project Aural Exciters.

Members: Cynthia Sley (vocals), Pat Place (guitar), Laura Kennedy (bass), Dee Pop (drums)


  • “Too Many Creeps” / “Snakes Crawl” / “You Taste Like the Tropics” (1980)
  • “Things That Go Boom in the Night” / “Das ah Riot” (1981)
  • Rituals (EP, 1981)
  • Wild Things (live cassette, 1983)

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