Burlesque was a comedic English sax-rock quintet that released back-to-back albums on Arista in 1977. Initially formed in 1972, the band gigged the London pub circuit for five years before landing on vinyl.

Members: Billy Jenkins (guitar), Ian Trimmer (saxophone), Dave Harries (saxophone, 1972-73), John Williams (drums, 1972), Howard Edgar (bass, 1972), Peter Pope (bass, 1972-74), Pete Spice (saxophone), Ian Hamilton-Wargent (drums, 1973), Steve Knight (drums, 1974-76), Antonio Vivaldi Jr. [Steve Hughes] (bass), Steve Parr (keyboards), Paul Warren (drums, 1976-77), Adrian Sheppard (drums, 1977), Kevin Currie (drums, 1977)

In their music and presentation, Burlesque infused contemporary rock sounds with elements of 1940s jump blues and slapstick comedy. On the band’s first album, Acupuncture, blasting sax charts collide with electric piano runs — an approach best exemplified on the lightning-paced “Hymie Blows It” — while their self-titled second album adds speedier buzz-saw riffage into the mix.

After the Burlesque nameplate was retired, Trimmer and Jenkins continued as a comedic musical duo. In 1978/79, the saxist also lent his talents to the Fabulous Poodles on the albums Unsuitable and Think Pink.

During the 1980s, Trimmer resurfaced as a member of One the Juggler while Jenkins recorded with The Voice of God Collective.


  • Acupuncture (1977)
  • Burlesque (1977)

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