Bubu were an Argentine symphonic-rock septet that was active for five years during the 1970s. Their singular release from that period is the 1978 album Anabelas, which has since been hailed as one of the cornerstones of South American maximalist rock. The band would reunite four decades later and issue a second album.

Members: Sergio Polizzi (violin), Cecilia Tenconi (flute, piccolo, bass flute), Wim Fortsman (tenor saxophone, vocals), Petty Guelache (vocals), Eduardo Rogatti (guitar), Eduardo “Fleke” Folino (bass), Eduardo “Polo” Corbella (drums, percussion)


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  1. “The composer of “El Viaje de Anabelas” is a classical contemporary composer (with lots of prog rock listening too, of course), it was not composed by any of the band members. I saw them 3 times and they probably played only 5 times, very funny singer (not the one in the album, the original singer named Miguel Zabaleta left before the recording). Lot´s of theatricals.. he used to enter the stage, riding a bicycle to stop just in sync to start his vocal part. Violin player was member of Buenos Aires Symphonic orchestra and the flutist was a classical contemporary player. The other players bass drums and guitar were rock musicians, and the sax of course a jazz cat.” – Juan Ant, YouTube

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