Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club

Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club were an English New Wave band that released a self-titled album on Epic in 1979. Woolley had initially been a member of the Buggles, co-writing the duo’s popular song “Video Killed the Radio Star.” The Camera Club also featured keyboardist Thomas Dolby, who subsequently launched a successful solo career.

Members: Bruce Woolley (vocals), David Birch (guitar), Rod Johnson (drums, 1979), Matthew Seligman (bass, 1979), Thomas Dolby (keyboards, 1979), Nigel Ross-Scott (bass, 1980), Simon House (keyboards, 1980), Nigel Clocker (drums, 1980)


  • Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club (1979)
  • “Trouble Is” / “Get Away William” (1980)
  • “House of Wax” / “All At Once” (1980)
  • “Ghost Train” / “Ghost Train (Club Version)” (1981)

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