Bronco were an English rustic-rock band from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, that released two albums on Island in 1970 and 1971, followed by a third on Polydor in 1973. The Island albums feature ex-Alan Bown Set vocalist Jess Roden, who subsequently launched a successful solo career.

Members: Kevyn Gammond (guitar), John Pasternak (bass), Pete Robinson (harmonica, drums), Robbie Blunt (guitar, 1969-72), Jess Roden (lead vocals, 1969-72), Dan Fone (guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1972-73), Paul Lockey (guitar, lead vocals 1972-73)


  • Country Home (1970)
  • Ace of Sunlight (1971)
  • Smoking Mixture (1973)

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