Brian Protheroe

Brian Protheroe is an English singer, keyboardist, and songwriter associated with the mid-seventies cabaret glam scene. He released the 1974–76 Chrysalis albums Pinball, Pick-Up, I/You, and the soundtrack to the fifties rock musical Leave Him to Heaven.

Early Life, Activities

Protheroe was born on June 16, 1944, in Salisbury, Wiltshire, to an English mother and Welsh father. He sang in church choir as a tween and took piano lessons from age twelve. Inspired by Cliff Richard & The Shadows, he took up guitar and joined The Coasters, a local rock ‘n’ roll band. He also joined Studio Theatre, an amateur acting troupe.

At age nineteen, Protheroe joined Folk Blues Incorporated (FBI), which played the London folk circuit. In 1968, he joined a theatre company in Lincoln and befriended fellow musician–actor Martin Duncan, a subsequent songwriting collaborator. In 1973, Protheroe portrayed a singer in the play Death On Demand, which drew the attention of Chrysalis representatives.


Brian Protheroe released his debut album, Pinball, in 1974 on Chrysalis.


Brian Protheroe released his second album, Pick-Up, in 1975 on Chrysalis.


Brian Protheroe released his third album, I/You, in 1976 on Chrysalis.

Leave Him to Heaven

In late 1976, Brian Protheroe released Leave Him to Heaven, the soundtrack to a fifties rock musical> comprised of early rock ‘n’ roll and doo-wop covers.


  • Pinball (1974)
  • Pick-Up (1975)
  • I/You (1976)
  • Leave Him to Heaven (1976)


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