Brainstorm was an American soul-funk band from Detroit, best known for the R&B hits “Lovin’ Is Really My Game,” “Wake Up and Be Somebody,” “Hot for You,” and the quiet storm evergreen “This Must Be Heaven.” On Tabu Records, they released the 1977–79 albums Stormin’, Journey to the Light, and Funky Entertainment.

Members: Belita Woods (lead vocals), Charles “Chuck” Overton (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone), Jeryl Bright (trombone), Professor R J Ross [Bob Ross] (keyboards), Renell Gonsalves (drums), Larry H. “Leap” Sims, Gerald Kent (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Bongo Lady Way [Trenita Womack] (vocals), E. Lamont Johnson (bass), Willie Wooten (keyboards), Deon Estus (bass)

Brainstorm formed in 1976 in Detroit.


Brainstorm released their debut album, Stormin’, in April 1977 on Tabu.

Journey to the Light

Brainstorm released their second album, Journey to the Light, in February 1978 on Tabu.

Funky Entertainment

Brainstorm released their third album, Funky Entertainment, in May 1979 on Tabu.


  • Stormin’ (1977)
  • Journey to the Light (1978)
  • Funky Entertainment (1979)


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