Bow Wow

Bow Wow were a Japanese hard-rock/metal band that released a self-titled album on Victor Musical Industries in 1976, followed by four further ’70s-era albums on Invitation. Another four albums appeared on SMS at start of the 1980s, followed by a trio of 1982/83 albums on Vap and Roadrunner to close out the band’s first run. A new round of activity commence in the mid-’90s.

Members: Mitsuhiro Saito (vocals, guitar), Kyoji Yamamoto (guitar), Toshihiro Niimi (drums), Kenji Sano (bass), Genki Hitomi (vocals), Rei Atsumi (keyboards), Neil Murray (bass), Tetsuya Horie (vocals), Hiroshi Yaegashi (guitar), Shotaro Mitsuzono (bass), Eiji Mitsuzono (drums), Daisuke Kitsuwa (bass)


  • Bow Wow (1976)
  • Signal Fire (1977)
  • Charge (1977)
  • Guarantee (1978)
  • Super Live (1978)
  • Glorious Road (1980)
  • Telephone (1980)
  • 組曲Xボンバー (1980)
  • Hard Dog (1981)
  • Asian Volcano (1982)
  • Warning From Stardust (1982)
  • Holy Expedition: Live (1983)

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