Boston are an American symphonic/hard-rock band that released two albums on Epic between 1976 and 1978, followed by three further albums at eight-year intervals over the ensuing quarter-century. A sixth album, released in 2013, upheld the band’s post-’70s album-per-decade schedule.

Members: Tom Scholz (guitar, bass, keyboards, organ, percussion, vocals), Brad Delp (lead vocals, guitar, percussion, 1975-90, 1994-2007), Jim Masdea (drums, percussion, keyboards, 1975, 1984-87), Sib Hashian (drums, percussion, 1975-82), Barry Goudreau (guitar, vocals, 1975-81), Fran Sheehan (bass, 1975-80), Gary Pihl (guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1986-present), David Sikes (bass, keyboards, vocals, 1987-97), Doug Huffman (drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals, 1987-94), Fran Cosmo (lead vocals, guitar, 1992-2009), Curly Smith (drums, percussion, vocals, 1994-97, 2012-present), Anton Cosmo (guitar, 1997-2006), Kimberley Dahme (bass, guitar, vocals, 2001-14), Anthony Citrinite (drums, 2001-02), Beth Cohen (keyboards, guitar, vocals, 2002, 2012, 2015-present), Tom Hambridge (drums, 2002), Jeff Neal (drums, percussion, 2002-present), Tommy DeCarlo (lead vocals, percussion 2007-present), Michael Sweet (lead vocals, guitar, 2007-11), Tracy Ferrie (bass, vocals, 2012-present), David Victor (guitar, vocals, 2012-14)


  • Boston (1976)
  • Don’t Look Back (1978)
  • Third Stage (1986)
  • Walk On (1994)
  • Corporate America (2002)
  • Life, Love & Hope (2013)

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