Bodkin were a Scottish hard-rock/psych band that released a self-titled album on small-press West in 1972.

Members: Mick Riddel (lead guitar), Doug Rome (Hammond organ), Dick Sneddon (drums), Bill Anderson (bass), Zeik Hume (vocals)

Bodkin took their name from the bodkin point arrowhead, a thick needle often used in leather work. Their singular album appeared in 1972 on producer Jim West’s surnamesake label. It features five songs, including “After Hour Lumber,” “Auntu Maru’s Trashran,” and the two-part “Three Days After Death” suite. The original release was limited to 100 copies, a few of which feature a hand-made sleeve.

The album became more readily available in 1989 when it was reissued by German archivists Witch & Warlock, which also excavated early ’70s recordings by Soho Orange and German Oak. This release features a yellowed boat photo under a white-on-black typeface. Since 2000, Bodkin has been reissued multiple times by Akarma (Italy) and Sonic Underground (Germany). Most of these issues bear unique cover art.


  • Bodkin (1972)

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