Boa were a Yugoslav New Wave band from Zagreb in modern-day Croatia. The band released three albums circa 1982/83 on the Suzy label, followed by a seven-year break in activity. The band has reactivated several times since 1990.

Members: Mladen Puljiz (keyboards, vocals), Slavko Remenarić (guitar), Igor Šoštarić (drums, 1979-89), Damir Košpić (bass, 1979-89), Zvonimir Bučević (bass, 1989-94), Paolo Sfeci (drums, 1989-94), Gojko Tomljanović (keyboards, 1993-94)


  • Boa (1982)
  • Ritam strasti (1982)
  • Govor tijela (1983)
  • Prvi val (1990)

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