Blues Section

Blues Section was a Finnish rock band that played a mix of blues-jazz and psychedelic pop and released a self-titled 1967 album on Love Records, which issued six non-album singles by the band, including three co-billed to frontman Jim Pembroke and one co-billed to his temporary replacement, English singer Frank Robson.

Pembroke formed Wigwam with drummer Ronnie Österberg. Robson formed Tasavallan Presidentti with bassist Måns Groundstroem. Saxophonist Eero Koivistoinen launched a prolific career as a jazz-rock bandleader.

Members: Hasse Walli (guitar), Eero Koivistoinen (saxophone, 1967-68), Jim Pembroke (vocals, 1967-68), Måns Groundstroem (bass, 1967), Edward Vesala (drums, 1967), Raimo Rautarinne (drums, 1967), Ronnie Österberg (drums, vocals, 1967-68), Pekka Sarmanto (bass, 1968), Frank Robson (vocals, 1968)

Blues Section formed in February 1967 in Helsinki.


  • Blues Section (1967)


  • Blues Section & Jim Pembroke – “Only Dreaming” / “Call Me on Your Telephone” (1967)
  • Blues Section & Jim Pembroke – “Hey, Hey, Hey” / “Shivers of Pleasure” (1967)
  • Blues Section & Frank Robson – “Faye” / “Sun of Love” (1968)
  • Blues Section & Ronnie – “Kauan Kuljen” / “Hei Vaan” (1968)
  • Jim Pembroke, Blues Section – “Semi-Circle Solitude” / “Cherry Cup-Cake Twist” (1968)
  • Ronnie & Blues Section – “Ei Kauempaa” / “Kun Yö Hyväilee” (1968)


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