Blues Magoos

The Blues Magoos were an American garage-rock/psych band from the Bronx that released three albums on Mercury between 1966 and 1968. After a four-fifths lineup overhaul, two further albums appeared on ABC in 1969/70. Guitarist/singer Peppy Castro later surfaced in the bands Barnaby Bye, Wiggy Bits, and Balance. Original drummer Geoff Daking became an engineer, notching technical credits on albums by J.R. Bailey, Shamek Farrah, Wishbone Ash, Art Webb, Man’s Theory, and numerous other artists. Late-period keyboardist Eric Kaz hailed from Bear and subsequently recorded a pair of solo albums as well as two albums with American Flyer.

Members: Emil Thielhelm [aka Peppy Castro] (vocals, guitar), Ralph Scala (organ, vocals, 1964-69, Ron Gilbert (bass, 1964-69), Dennis LaPore (lead guitar, 1964-65), John Finnegan (drums, 1964-65), Mike Esposito (lead guitar, 1965-69), Geoff Daking (drums, 1965-69), Ted Munda (vocals, 1969), Joey Stec (vocals, guitar, 1969), Eric Kaz (keyboards, vocals, 1969-70), Roger Eaton (bass, 1969-70), Richie Dickon (drums, 1969-70), John Liello (vibraphone, percussion, 1969-70)


  • Psychedelic Lollipop (1966)
  • Electric Comic Book (1967)
  • Basic Blues Magoos (1968)
  • Never Goin’ Back to Georgia (1969)
  • Gulf Coast Bound (1970)

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