Blues Creation

Blues Creation were a Japanese hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on Polydor in 1969, followed by two albums on Denon in 1971, including one with vocalist Carmen Maki.

Members: Kazuo Takeda (guitar, vocals, harp, keyboards, percussion), Fumio Nunoya (vocals), Yoshiyuki Noji (guitar), Jun Shinozaki (bass), Mamoru Shimura (organ), Ko Eiryu (guitar), Shinichi Tashiro (drums), Hiromi Osawa (vocals), Masashi Saeki (bass), Masayuki Higuchi (drums, percussion)


  • Blues Creation (1969)
  • Carmen Maki Blues Creation (1971 • Carmen Maki Blues Creation)
  • Demon & Eleven Children (1971)

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