Blue was a Scottish pop-rock band that released the 1973–74 RSO albums Blue (as a trio) and Life in the Navy (as a quartet). In 1977, a revised lineup signed to Elton John‘s Rocket Record Company. John produced their third album, Another Night Time Flight, noted for its soaring title track and the UK Top 20 hit “Gonna Capture Your Heart.”

Members: Hugh Nicholson (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Ian MacMillan (bass, vocals), Timi Donald (drums, vocals, 1973-75), Robert “Smiggy” Smith (guitar, vocals, 1974-75), David Nicholson (bass, keyboards, vocals, 1976-83), Charlie Smith (drums, vocals, 1976-79), Dennis Conway (drums, 1979-83)

Blue formed in 1973 in Glasgow, where guitarist–keyboardist Hugh Nicholson and bassist Ian MacMillan (both ex-members of Scottish beatsters The Poets) teamed with drummer Timi Donald, a sideman of Iain Matthews.

  • Blue (1973)
  • Life in the Navy (1974)
  • Another Night Time Flight (1977)
  • Fools’ Party (1979)
  • The L.A. Sessions (1999, recorded 1979–82)


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