Blue Sun

Blue Sun were a Danish band from Copenhagen that debuted with the live album Peace Be Unto You on Spectator Records in 1970, followed by a self-titled studio album on Parlophone in 1971. A string of stop-gap singles and unreleased recordings preceded the band’s third album, It’s All Money Johnny, on Genlyd in 1976.

Members: Jesper Zeuthen (saxophone), Dale Smith (vocals, percussion), Jan Kaspersen (piano, keyboards), Bo Jacobsen (drums), Poul “Hvem Ellers” Ehlers (bass), Niels Pontoppidan (guitar), Søren Berggreen (saxophone, flute, harmonica), Leif Falk (congas, vocals), Ole Kühl (saxophone), Ole Nordenhof (piano, organ)


  • Peace Be Unto You (live 1970)
  • Blue Sun (1971)
  • It’s All Money Johnny (1976)
  • Blue Sun ’73 (1992)

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