Blue Orchids

Blue Orchids were an English neo-psych band spun from an early lineup of The Fall. They released three 1981–82 singles and The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain) on Rough Trade.

Members: Martin Bramah (vocals, guitar), Una Baines (keyboards, 1979-85), Rick Goldstraw (guitar, bass, 1979-82, 2004-07), Steve Toyne (bass, 1979-80), Ian Rogers (drums, 1979-81), Toby Toman (drums, 1981-82), Mark Hellyer (bass, 1982), Nick Marshall (drums, 1984-85)

Blue Orchids formed in 1979 in Manchester.


  • The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain) (1982)


  • “The Flood” / “Disney Boys” (1981)
  • “Work” / “The House That Faded Out” (1981)
  • Agents of Change (EP, 1982)
  • “Sleepy Town” / “Thirst” (1985)


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