Blue Motion

Blue Motion were a Swiss avant-classical keyboard trio that sprung from the ashes of Circus. They snuck into a Riehen studio on the night of October 1–2, 1980, and recorded their singular album, released that year on local-press Amos. The clandestine recording was later issued by archivists Laser’s Edge (1992) and Belle Antique (2013).

Members: Fritz Hauser (drums, xylophone), Stephan Ammann (keyboards), Stephan Grieder (keyboards)

“Stromboli” spinning organ/piano fugue amid whirwind drumming… cadence tightens @ :40 for a snappy drumbeat, organ melody amid continued piano fuge (rapidfire)… torrential cymbal drumming resumes…. Subdued rhythmic feel over two minute mark, yielding to a series of keyboard passages… faint, free-form organ run (3:00) rising from the abyss, drumming intensifies, snare rolls… brief resume of opener… another faint section, organ assume the piano fugue, quiet organ duel amid cymbal mist ensues during 5:00-6 stretch… lowing rising (octave darting) bassline emerges (actually a bassy keyboard), bass/drum duel.. ominous, foggy organ rises from the deep @7:30, becomes a tidal wave (8:00) and explodes…. Crashing piano fragments, cymbal dust..silence… somber piano line emerges from wreckage (9:00)… faster, more urgent recap of opening theme starts at 9:35, the fugue is more direct, less spirally amid straight 4/4 beat… free-form piano sparkles up and down…. Piano riff emerges from briskness, reigns in the trio… pre-finale @ 12:00, gurgling organ drone follows, encircled with churchy key sustains, moving up and down (no drumming), fadeout


  • Blue Motion (1980)

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