Blops were a Chilean pop/psych/folk band that released three albums during the early 1970s. Formed in 1964, the band underwent numerous lineup changes in the years leading up to their first album. The band garnered international respect with 1973’s Locomotora but disbanded soon after, only to reunite twice in later years.

Members: Julio Villalobos (vocals, guitar, 1964-72), Alejandro Greene (guitar, 1964-66), Pedro Greene (drums, 1964-70, 2001-03), Andrés Orrego (vocals, 1966-69), Juan Pablo Orrego (vocals, bass, 1966-74, 1978-81, 2001-03), Felipe Orrego (guitar, 1968-69), Eduardo Gatti (vocals, guitar, 1969-74, 1978-81, 2001-03), Juan Contreras (keyboards, flute, 1969-73), Sergio Bezard (drums, 1969-73), Juan Carlos Villegas (keyboards, 1972-73), Carlos Fernández (guitar, keyboards, 1974, 2001-03), Jaime Labarca (drums, percussion, 1978-81)


  • Blops (1970)
  • Blops (1971)
  • Locomotora (1973)

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