Bloodrock was an American hard-rock band that released six studio albums and a live double-LP on Capitol between 1970 and 1974.

Members: Nick Taylor (guitar, vocals), Ed Grundy (bass, vocals), Stevie Hill (keyboards, vocals), James Rutledge (drums, vocals, 1969-72), Lee Pickens (guitar, vocals, 1969-72), Rick Cobb (drums, vocals, 1970-73), Warren Ham (vocals, wind, 1972-75), Randy Reeder (drums, vocals, 1973-75), Bill Ham (guitar, 1975), Matt Betton (drums, 1975)

Bloodrock had its roots in garage-rockers The Naturals, formed in Fort Worth, Tex., in 1963 by four teenagers: guitarist Nick Taylor, bassist Ed Grundy, drummer James Rutledge, and another guitarist, Dean Parks. They released one single, “Hey Girl” (b/w “I Want You”), on small press Rebel in 1965.

In 1966, they changed their name to Crowd +1 and issued the single “Mary Ann Regrets” (b/w “Whatcha Tryin’ to Do to Me”) on one-press BOX.

Parks left the band in 1967 to work as a session guitarist in Los Angeles, where he would play on more than 1,300 albums, including titles by The Crusaders, Lalo Schifrin, Tata Vega, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Randy Crawford, Leo Sayer, John Valenti, The Originals, The Whispers, Chi Coltrane, Nitzinger, Zulema, the Four Tops, Tavares, and Minnie Riperton. Two of his most recognized credits are “As” by Stevie Wonder (Songs In the Key of Life, 1976) and “Haitian Divorce” by Steely Dan (The Royal Scam, 1976).

Crowd +1 expanded to a five-piece with guitarist Lee Pickens and keyboardist Stevie Hill. On Capitol, they released the 1968/69 singles “Don’t Hold Back” (b/w “Try”) and “Circles” (b/w “Most Peculiar Things”). In 1969, they linked with Grand Funk Railroad manager/producer Terry Knight, who suggested a new name, Bloodrock.


  • Bloodrock (1970)
  • Bloodrock 2 (1970)
  • Bloodrock 3 (1971)
  • Bloodrock U.S.A. (1971)
  • Passage (1972)
  • Bloodrock Live (2LP, 1972)
  • Whirlwind Tongues (1974)


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