Blåkulla was a Swedish symphonic hard-rock band that issued a 1975 self-titled album on Anette.

Members: Bosse Ferm (organ, piano), Dennis Lindegren (vocals), Tomas Olsson (drums), Hannes Råstam (bass), Mats Öhberg (guitar), Steinar Arnasson (bass)

In 1974, Blåkulla recorded three songs: “Mars,” “Idolen,” and “Linnea.” Though unreleased at the time, these tracks would be added to CD reissues of the March–April, 1975, Tal & Ton Studios sessions that comprise their singular album.

The band released their eponymous album in 1975 on the Swedish pop label Anette. It features nine songs (eight originals), including “Idealet,” “Maskinsang,” “De’ Fa’ La Sta Öppe ‘tess Vida,” and “Erinran.” Most of the music is credited to Blåkulla with lyrics from assorted members and third parties. The words to three of the songs are based on poems by Gustaf Fröding (1860–1911). “Drottningholmsmusiken, Sats 1” is an arrangement of a piece by baroque composer Johan Helmich Roman (1694–1758). The album was co-produced by ex-Spotnicks guitarist Bob Lander.

Blåkulla vocalist Dennis Lindegren and guitarist Mats Öhberg are credited with piano and guitar, respectively, on the 1978 eponymous album by singer Kaj Kristall. Öhberg also played a technical role on the 1980 album Naturtroget (issued in Finland as Luonnollisesti) by folksters Hansa.

Bassist Hannes Råstam and drummer Tomas Olsson collaborated on the 1977 release Stäng Inte Dörren…, the second album by Text & Musik. They also interacted on Innan Tystnaden’s 1982 release Innan Tystnaden. Råstam made further appearances on albums by Blues Annika, Yalsa Band, and Musikteatergruppen Oktober. Olsson notched credits with Marie Bergman and Skrotbandet.


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