Blackfoot Sue

Blackfoot Sue were an English hard-rock/pop band from London that released six singles on JAM/DJM between 1972 and 1974. The band featured the rhythmic talents of identical twins Tom Farmer (bass) and David Farmer (drums). Despite recording three albums, only 1973’s JAM release Nothing to Hide appeared in its own time.

Members: Tom Farmer (bass, vocals), David Farmer (drums), Eddie Golga (guitar), Alan Jones (guitar)

Blackfoot Sue’s second full-length was the Import Records release Strangers, recorded in 1974 but waylaid until 1977, the same year that an unrelated single appeared on MCA under the truncated name Blackfoot. The band’s third-recorded album, Gun Running, was shelved in 1975; its contents finally appeared on the 2017 three-disc compilation The Albums. The Farmer twins, along with guitarist Eddie Golga, morphed into Liner for a self-titled album in 1979, followed by a two-album run as Outside Edge during the mid-1980s.


  • “Standing in the Road” / “Celestial Plain” (1972)
  • “Sing Don’t Speak” / “2 B Free” (1972)
  • Nothing to Hide (1973)
  • “Summer” / “Morning Light” (1973)
  • “Get It All to Me” / “My Oh My” (1973)
  • “Bye Bye Birmingham” / “Messiah” (1974)
  • “You Need Love” / “Tobago Rose” (1974)
  • Gun Running (unreleased, recorded 1975)
  • Strangers (1977, recorded 1974)
  • “When Will I See You Again” / “Lay the Real Thing on Me” (1977)

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