Black — aka Colin Vearncombe (May 26, 1962 — Jan. 26, 2016) — was an English vocalist, songwriter, and musician from Liverpool. The moniker was initially the name of his New Wave band, which whittled from trio- to duo-form between the 1981–82 singles “Human Features” and “More Than the Sun,” respectively issued on small-presses Rox and The Wonderful World Of… After remaining band-mate Dave Dix moved behind the console, Vearncombe carried the Black nameplate on a pair of 1984 singles on WEA, followed by three albums on A&M between 1987 and 1991.


  • “Human Features” / “Electric Church” (1981)
  • “More Than the Sun” / “Jump” (1982)
  • “Hey Presto” / “Stephen” (1984)
  • Black (EP comp, 1984)
  • Wonderful Life (1987)
  • Comedy (1988)
  • Black (1991)

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