Black Widow

Black Widow were an English organ-psych band from Leicester that released three albums on CBS between 1970 and 1972. In a prior incarnation as Pesky Gee, the band released the album Exclamation Mark on Pye in 1969.

Members: Clive Jones [aka Clive Beer-Jones] (saxophone, flute), Jess “Zoot” Taylor (organ, 1969-73), Jim Gannon (guitar, vocals, 1969-72), Bob Bond (bass, 1969-71), Clive Box (drums, piano, 1969-71), Kay Garrett (lead vocals, 1969), Kip Trevor (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, 1969-73), Geoff Griffith (bass, 1971-73), Romeo Challenger (drums, 1971-73), John Culley (guitar, vocals, 1972-73), Frank Karuba [aka Rick “E”, Ric Prince] (vocals, guitar, 1973)


  • Exclamation Mark (1969 • Pesky Gee)
  • Sacrifice (1970)
  • Black Widow (1971)
  • III (1972)
  • IV (1997, recorded 1972)
  • Return to the Sabbat (1999, recorded 1969)

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