Bighorn were a symphonic/hard-rock band from Seattle that self-released a standalone single in 1974, followed by an eponymous album on CBS Canada in 1978.

Members: Bob Andersen (drums), Steve Adamek (drums), Toby Bowen (guitar, vocals), Robb Clarke (vocals), Peter Davis (keyboards), Tom Erak (bass), Michael Ipsen (bass), Steve Isham (keyboards), Marv Jensen (keyboards), James Kenfield (bass), Norm Lombardo (bass), John Lucas (guitar), Bob Marcy (vocals, saxophone, flute, congas), Rick Randle (guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals), Joe Shikany (guitar), Ken Steimonts (bass, vocals), Rusty Williams (guitar), Fred Zeufeldt (drums, percussion, vocals)


  • “I Get High” / “Takin’ Me Down” (1974)
  • Bighorn (1978)

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