Big Country

Big Country are a Scottish Celt/anthem-rock band formed in 1981 by former Skids guitarist Stuart Adamson. The band soared internationally with their debut album The Crossing and its lead-off single “In a Big Country,” noted for its distinct e-bow guitar licks. The album was released in 1983 on Mercury, which issued three further longplayers by the band between 1984 and 1988. An additional four albums appeared on assorted labels at two-to-four-year intervals during the 1990s.

Adamson left the band in 2000, a year before his tragic passing in Honolulu at age 43. Big Country co-founder Bruce Watson would resurrect the nameplate in the 2010s.

Members: Bruce Watson (guitar, mandolin, E-bow), Stuart Adamson (vocals, guitar, E-bow, 1981-2000), Clive Parker (drums, 1981-82), Pete Wishart (keyboards, 1981-82), Alan Wishart (bass, 1981-82), Tony Butler (bass, vocals, 1982-2000, 2007-08, 2010-12), Mark Brzezicki (drums, percussion, 1982-89)


  • The Crossing (1983)
  • Steeltown (1984)
  • The Seer (1986)
  • Peace in Our Time (1988)
  • No Place Like Home (1991)
  • The Buffalo Skinners (1993)
  • Why the Long Face (1995)
  • Driving to Damascus (1999)
  • The Journey (2013)

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