Benitez and Nebula

Eddie Benitez (Nov. 12, 1956 — Jan. 17, 2019) was an American Latin-rock guitarist and bandleader from New York who released the 1976 album Night Life (as Benitez and Nebula) and the 1977 followup Essence of Life (as Benitez), both on Vaya Records.

Benitez band members: Eddie Benitez (guitar), Nancy O’Neil (vocals), Dino Cedeno (vocals, guiro), Thomas Hebb (bass), Larry Dvoskin (organ, moog, synthesizer, strings, piano), Joe Di Carlo (drums), Louie Castro (percussion), Jose Morales (bongos, timbales), Johnny Carro (trombone, piano), Gregory Hernandez (bongos, congas)


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