Begnagrad were a Yugoslav avant-garde/trad band from Ljubljana, located in modern-day Slovenia. In 1982, the band released a self-titled album on ZKP RTVLJ that was reissued in 1990 as Konzert for a Broken Dance. Material for a proposed earlier album, recorded in 1977, was finally issued as Tastare (Theoldwones) in 1992.

Members: Bratko Bibič (accordion, vocals), Bogo Pecnikar (clarinet), Igor Musevic (drums, 1975-78), Vlado Spindler (bass, 1975-78), Nino de Gleria (bass, 1981-83), Ales Rendla (drums, violin, 1981-83), Boris Romih (guitar, 1981-83)


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