Bauhaus was an English goth-rock band from Northampton that debuted as Bauhaus 1919 with the single “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” on Small Wonder in 1979, followed by four albums on 4AD and Beggars Banquet between 1980 and 1983.

Members: Peter Murphy (vocals), Daniel Ash (guitar), David J (bass), Kevin Haskins (drums)


Bauhaus was formed in the autumn of 1978 by guitarist Daniel Ash, who’d played in a string of unrecorded garage combos with brothers David J. (bass) and Kevin Haskins (drums). For his new band, Ash urged his longtime friend Peter Murphy to take the mic. Murphy, then a print factory worker, had never sang but Ash felt that he looked the part of a rock frontman.

At their first rehearsal with Kevin Haskins, things clicked and Murphy took his first stab at lyric writing, penning “In a Flat Field” there on the spot. The lineup finalized with David J, who nixed prior commitments with a tour-bound act to join his old friends. J suggested the name Bauhaus 1919, taken from the German art school that operated from 1919 to 1933.

Bauhaus 1919 made their live debut at Wellingborough’s Cromwell pub on New Year’s Eve 1978. A subsequent show was filmed by their visual associate Graham Bentley, who sent the video to several record labels. On January 26, 1979, the band entered Beck studios and demoed five originals: “Boys,” “Bite My Hip,” “Some Faces,” “Harry” (about Blondie‘s Debbie Harry), and the nine-minute show piece “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.” The last of those, titled after the late Hungarian-American horror actor, was issued that August as their first single by post-punk indie Small Wonder.

“Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

On August 6, 1979, Bauhaus debuted with the 12″ single “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.”

A. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (9:36)
B1. “Boys” (3:06)
B2. “Dark Entries (Demo)” (1:23)


“Dark Entries”

In January 1980, Bauhaus released “Dark Entries.”

A. “Dark Entries (single edit)” (3:52)
B. “Untitled” ()

“Terror Couple Kill Colonel”

In June 1980, Bauhaus released “Terror Couple Kill Colonel.”

A. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” ()
B1. “Scopes” ()
B2. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Version)” ()

In the Flat Field

Bauhaus released their debut album, In the Flat Field, on November 3, 1980, on 4AD.

1. “Double Dare” (4:54)
2. “In the Flat Field” (4:00)
3. “A God in an Alcove” (4:08)
4. “Dive” (2:13)
5. “Spy in the Cab” (4:31)

6. “Small Talk Stinks” (3:35)
7. “St. Vitus Dance” (3:31)
8. “Stigmata Martyr” (3:46)
9. “Nerves” (7:06)

Recorded December 1979 – July 1980
Studio BBC Maida Vale and Southern, London
Producer Bauhaus

Bauhaus – production, instruments, lyrics, arrangements, sleeve design

Tony Cook – engineering
Glenn Campling – sleeve design
Stella Watts – photography
Geoff Smith – photography
Piers Bannister – photography
Eugene Merinov – photography

Duane Michals – Front Cover Photograph “Homage to Puvis de Charannes”, credited to Artists Postcards 1978. N.Y.C. (Series II). The cover artwork is a reproduction of Duane Michals’ 1949 photograph, Homage to Puvis de Chavannes.

“Telegram Sam”

On December 5, 1980, Bauhaus released “Telegram Sam,” a T. Rex cover backed with the original “Crowds.” The 12″ contains a third track, “Rosegarden Funeral of Sores.”

A. “Telegram Sam” (2:08)
B1. “Rosegarden Funeral of Sores” (5:31)
B2. “Crowds” (3:13)



Bauhaus released their second album, Mask, on October 16, 1981, on Beggars Banquet.

1. “Hair of the Dog” (2:43)
2. “The Passion of Lovers” (3:53)
3. “Of Lillies and Remains” (3:18)
4. “Dancing” (2:29)
5. “Hollow Hills” (4:47)

6. “Kick in the Eye” (3:39)
7. “In Fear of Fear” (2:58)
8. “Muscle in Plastic” (2:51)
9. “The Man with the X-Ray Eyes” (3:05)
10. “Mask” (4:36)

Recorded 1981
Studio Playground and Jam, London
Producer Bauhaus

Peter Murphy – vocals, additional guitar, production
Daniel Ash – guitars, saxophone, album cover illustration, production
David J – bass guitar, vocals, production
Kevin Haskins – drums, keyboards, production

John Etchells – engineering
Kenny Jones – engineering
Mike Hedges – engineering
Arun Chakraverty – mastering
Sheila Rock – sleeve photography

“Kick in the Eye” / “Satori”

“The Passion of Lovers”

B. “1. David Jay 2. Peter Murphy 3. Kevin Haskins 4. Daniel Ash


“A God in an Alcove”

Kick in the Eye (Searching for Satori E.P.)

In February 1982, Bauhaus released Kick in the Eye (Searching for Satori E.P.), which contains a remixed version of the Mask single with different b-sides.

“Kick in the Eye (Searching for Satori)” (3:31)
“Harry” (2:39)
Earwax” (3:13)

“Kick in the Eye (Searching for Satori)” (3:31)
“In Fear of Dub” (2:52)
“Harry” (2:39)
“Earwax” (3:13)

“Ziggy Stardust”

On October 1, 1982, Bauhaus released a cover of the David Bowie classic “Ziggy Stardust,” backed with the Brian Eno deep cut “Third Uncle.”

7″ single
A. “Ziggy Stardust” (3:08)
B. “Third Uncle” (5:11)

12″ single
1. “Ziggy Stardust” (3:08)
2. “Party of the First Part” (Bauhaus) (5:22)
3. “Third Uncle” (5:11)
4. “Waiting for the Man” (live) (Lou Reed) (5:31)

“Ziggy Stardust” reached No. 15 on the UK Singles Chart.

The Sky’s Gone Out

Bauhaus released their third album, The Sky’s Gone Out, on October 22, 1982, on Beggars Banquet.

1. “Third Uncle” Eno (5:14)
2. “Silent Hedges” (3:09)
3. “In the Night” (3:05)
4. “Swing the Heartache” (5:51)
5. “Spirit” (5:28)

6. “The Three Shadows, Part I” (4:21)
7. “The Three Shadows, Part II” (3:12)
8. “The Three Shadows, Part III” (1:36)
9. “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” (3:49)
10. “Exquisite Corpse” (5:39)

Recorded 1982
Studio Rockfield, Monmouth Beck, Wellingborough BBC Maida Vale London
Producer Bauhaus

Peter Murphy – vocals, additional guitar
Daniel Ash – guitars, backing vocals on Exquisite Corpse, album cover painting
David J – bass, backing vocals on Exquisite Corpse
Kevin Haskins – drums, congas on “Third Uncle”

“Spirit” / “Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Live in Paris)”

Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape

In December 1982, Bauhaus released Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape, a live album drawn from three dates on their autumn–winter 1981–82 UK tour.

Original copies included a free 7″ single titled “Satori in Paris” with two songs drawn from a show on December 3, 1981, at Le Rose Bon Bon in Paris, France.

A. “Double Dare”
B. “Hair of the Dog”


“The Sanity Assassin”

The Hunger

“Lagartija Nick”

On January 15, 1983, Bauhaus released the standalone single “Lagartija Nick.”

7″ version
A. “Lagartija Nick” ()
B. “Paranoia, Paranoia” ()

12″ version
1. “Lagartija Nick”
2. “Watch That Grandad Go”
3. “Paranoia, Paranoia”
4. “In the Flat Field (Live in Paris)”

Burning From the Inside

Bauhaus released their fourth studio album, Burning From the Inside, on July 15, 1983, on Beggars Banquet (UK) and A&M (US).

1. “She’s in Parties” (5:49)
2. “Antonin Artaud” (4:09)
3. “Wasp” (instrumental) (0:20)
4. “King Volcano” (3:29)
5. “Who Killed Mr. Moonlight” (4:55)

6. “Slice of Life” (3:43)
7. “Honeymoon Croon” (2:52)
8. “Kingdom’s Coming” (2:25)
9. “Burning from the Inside” (9:21)
10. “Hope” (3:17)

Studio Rockfield, Wales
Producer Bauhaus

Peter Murphy – lead vocals
Daniel Ash – guitars, backing vocals, saxophone
David J – bass, backing vocals
Kevin Haskins – drums, keyboards

7″ version
A. “She’s in Parties” (3:45)
B. “Departure” (4:49)

12″ version
A. “She’s in Parties” 5:49
B1. “Here’s the Dub” (Special Effects by “Loonatik & Drinks”) 3:18
B2. “Departure” 4:49


  • “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” / “Boys” (1979)
  • In the Flat Field (1980)
  • Mask (1981)
  • The Sky’s Gone Out (1982)
  • Burning From the Inside (1983)


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