Banzai were a Belgian jazz-rock/art-rock five-piece that was active during the mid-1970s. The band released three singles and one album, Hora Nata.

Members: Peter Torfs (organ, piano, strings, Moog, vocals), Evert Verhees (acoustic guitar, bass, bass pedals, piano, vocals), John Mc O (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals), Ludwig Kemat (tumbas, metallophones, marimba, vibraphone, percussion), Erry Fox (drums, percussion)

Formed in 1971, Banzai took third place in a 1973 Humo magazine readers poll. The band gained wider exposure that August at the Bilzen Rock & Jazz Festival, where they played opposite of Argent, Golden Earring, and Procol Harum. After further festival gigs with Benelux giants Focus and Kayak, the band readied material for their singular album, released in 1974 on Dutch jazz-funk imprint Delta. Comprised of one brief introductory track and four multi-sectional epics, the album yielded a title-sake single, extracted from the lengthier “Obelisk” suite. The album was followed by two non-album singles.

Of the former Banzai members, bassist Evert Verhees has remained most active, appearing on recordings by Erik Van Neygen, Pierre Rapsat, Jo Lemaire, and numerous other Flemish acts. Keyboardist Peter Torfs participated in the 1981 one-off combo Rubeck with brother Rudi at the console.


  • Hora Nata (1974)
  • “Hora Nata” / “Good Morning Life” ‎(1974, 7″)
  • “Be Careful Now” / “We’re So Sorry” ‎(1974, 7″)
  • “Talking About My Love” / “On the Rocks” ‎(1975, 7″)

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