Bandit was an English hard-rock/funk band that released a self-titled album in 1976 on Arista, followed by a second effort in 1978 with a revised lineup on Ariola.

Members: Danny McIntosh (guitar, vocals), Graham Broad (drums, 1976-?), Jim Diamond (lead vocals, 1976-?), James Litherland (guitar, 1976-?), Cliff Williams (bass, 1976-77), Tony Lester (bass, vocals, ?-1978), Theodore Thunder [aka John Dentith] (drums, percussion, vocals, ?-1978), Gerry Trew (lead vocals, harmonies, ?-1978)

Bandit formed in 1976 when singer Jim Diamond teamed with guitarist James Litherland, bassist Cliff Williams, and drummer Graham Broad.

Diamond (b. 1951) first fronted bands as a teenager on the mid-’60s Glaswegian beat scene. In 1975, he issued the solo single “Clean Up the City” (b/w “Back On the Line”) on Bradleys.

Litherland (b. 1949) started in brass-rockers Colosseum. He played on their first two albums, Those Who Are About to Die Salute You and Valentyne Suite (1969), then formed his own band Mogul Thrash, which issued a 1971 self-titled album on RCA. He also played on albums by Jade, Edwards Hand, and Leo Sayer (Just a Boy).

Williams hailed from rustic-rockers Home, which issued the 1971–73 albums Pause for a Hoarse Horse, Home, and The Alchemist. Broad had been active as a sessionist since age fifteen as a drummer for The Temptations and Ben E. King.

Bandit completed its lineup with guitarist Danny McIntosh, a newcomer. They signed with Arista and recorded their debut album with producer John Alcock.


  • Bandit (1976)
  • Partners in Crime (1978)


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