Banda Elástica

Banda Elástica were a Mexican avant-jazz/rock band that released four albums on Discos Tiradero between 1986 and 1997, followed by three further albums on Luna Negra into the 21st century.

Members: Guillermo Portillo Hoffman (flute, saxophone), José Navarro (marimba, percussion), Guillermo González Phillips (guitar), Sósimo Hernández (bass), Luis Miguel Costero (drums), David Barret (saxophone), Juan Alzate (saxophone)


  • Banda Elastica (1986)
  • 2 (1991)
  • Los Awakates de Nepantla (1994)
  • Maquizcoatl (1996)
  • Catalogo De Tiraderos (1997)
  • Ai Tencargo (2003)

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