Bad Axe

Bad Axe was an American hard-rock band from Los Angeles that made a test-press album in 1976 on Earth Breeze Productions, followed by a 1977 standalone single on Progrezzive Records. Bad Axe gained cult status after a 2004 reissue on Hexamon Records.

Members: Stacy Moreland (vocals), Dave Carruth (guitar), Dana Strum (bass), Steve Ward (drums)

Bad Axe printed ten copies of their self-titled promo album on Earth Breeze.

A1. “Cities of Rage”
A2. “Stray”
A3. “Do What We Please”
A4. “What Did I Do”
A5. “Set Me Free”
B1. “Vacation”
B2. “Blues L.A.”
B3. “Foggy Morning”
B4. “Road to Makin’ It”
B5. “Take Your Time”

“Cry for Me” / “All You Can Stand”


  • Bad Axe (test press, 1976)


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