Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock were an Australian jazz-rock band from Melbourne that released two albums on Mushroom between 1974 and 1976, followed by a third on RCA Victor in 1980.

Members: Chris Brown (lead vocals, guitar, percussion, 1974-81), Col Loughnan (tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, vocals, flute, electric piano, percussion, 1973-81), Jimmy Doyle (guitar, percussion, 1973-75), Duncan McGuire (bass, percussion), Mark Kennedy (drums, percussion, 1973-76), Ray Burton (guitar, vocals, 1973-74), Keith Casey (percussion, 1976), Andy Cowan (keyboards, 1976-81), Russell Dunlop (drums, 1976), Doug Gallacher (drums, 1976), Steve Hogg (bass, 1976), Hamish Stuart (drums, 1976-81), Phil Stone (guitar), Joe Tattersall (drums), John Young (bass, 1977)


  • Big Red Rock (1974)
  • Beyond (1976)
  • Hot Spell (1980)

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