Axis Point

Axis Point was an English hard-rock/blues supergroup that released two albums on RCA between 1978 and 1980. The band featured the seasoned talents of guitarist Charlie Whitney (Family, Streetwalkers), bassist Charlie McCracken (Taste, Stud), and keyboardist/singer Eddie Hardin (Hardin & York). McCracken and Hardin first interacted during a 1973–74 reboot of the Spencer Davis Group. On the first Axis Point album, drumming was split between Les Binks (Judas Priest) and proper member Rob Townsend, a cohort of Whitney from the Family days.

Members: Charlie Whitney (guitar), Eddie Hardin (vocals), Charlie McCracken (bass), Les Binks (drums, 1979-?), Rob Townsend (drums, ?-1980),


  • Axis Point (1978)
  • Boast of the Town (1980)

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