Axiom was an Australian rustic-rock band from Melbourne that released the 1970 Parlophone album Fool’s Gold, followed by the 1971 Warner release If Only…. They featured ex-Twilights singer Glenn Shorrock and former Groop keyboardist–songwriter Brian Cadd. Shorrock later found global stardom with the Little River Band.

Members: Glenn Shorrock (vocals), Brian Cadd (organ), Doug Lavery (drums, 1969), Don Lebler (drums, 1969-71), Don Mudie (bass), Chris Stockley (guitar)


Axiom formed as a follow-up act to The Groop, a Melbourne R&B–beat band that released eleven singles, three albums, and two EPs between 1965 and 1969 on Australian CBS. In 1966, The Groop welcomed guitarist Don Mudie and two ex-members of labelmates The Jackson Kings: keyboardist Brian Cadd and singer Ronnie Charles.

Cadd (b. November 29, 1946; Perth) formed a writing partnership with Groop bassist Max Ross. They wrote six songs on the 1967 Groop album Woman You’re Breaking Me and submitted songs internationally through Leeds Publishing.

In 1968, the Cadd–Ross composition “When I Was Six Years Old” inspired simultaneous covers by Melbourne singer (and Twilights associated) Ronnie Burns and former Manfred Mann frontman Paul Jones. Meanwhile, Masters Apprentices released the Cadd–Ross song “Elevator Driver” as a February 1968 a-side.

The Groop’s UK visit coincided with Jones’ chart peak (No. 6 in Sweden). After their return to Melbourne, Ross departed and Mudie switched to bass. They backed singer Russell Morris on his epic 1969 soul-psych single “The Real Thing.”


Inspired by Canadian roots rockers The Band, Cadd and Mudie formed a writing partnership and scoped out musicians for a new group, Axiom. (An axiom is a statement accepted as an objective truth.)

They attempted to snare Terry Britten of The Twilights, which recently disbanded after two albums and thirteen singles. The Twilights outgrew their audience with the 1968 psychedelic concept album Once Upon a Twilight, conceived as the soundtrack to a proposed sitcom starring the band and Burns. Though Britten was preoccupied, talk of Axiom enticed ex-Twilights singer Glenn Shorrock, who resigned as manager of The Avengers to join Cadd’s band.

Axiom secured their initial five-piece lineup with (ex-Cam-Pact) guitarist Chris Stockley and drummer Doug Lavery, recently of Perth popsters The Valentines.

First Two Singles

In October 1969, Axiom debuted with the Parlophone single “Arkansas Grass,” a rootsy mid-tempo harmony number backed with the uptempo “Samantha,” both Cadd–Mudie originals. By early 1970, Lavery jumped ship to The Mixtures. Axiom hired ex-Avengers drummer Don Lebler and headed to England.

In April 1970, Parlophone issued their second single: “A Little Ray of Sunshine,” a paean to a newborn daughter, backed with “Ford’s Bridge,” titled after a town in Queensland. “A Little Ray of Sunshine” reached No. 5 on the Australian Go-Set chart.

Fool’s Gold

Axiom released their debut album, Fool’s Gold, in 1970 on Parlophone.

Fool’s Gold features Axiom’s four pre-released singles sides and nine additional Cadd–Mudie originals, including “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” “Mansfield Hotel,” and “Cant Let Go This Feeling.”

The album closes with “Who Am I Gonna See?” — one of the first rock songs with a didgeridoo.

A1. “Arkansas Grass”
A2. “Baby Bear”
A3. “Ford’s Bridge” refers to a town in Queensland
A4. “Samantha”
A5. “Take It or Leave It”
A6. “A Little Ray of Sunshine” was Cadd’s dedication to a baby girl born to an ex-couple in the band’s circle who, despite their temperaments, brought new life into the world.

B1. “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”
B2. “Mansfield Hotel”
B3. “Can’t Let Go of This Feeling”
B4. “Country Pickin'”
B5. “Once a Month Country Race Day”
B6. “Fool’s Gold”
B7. “Who Am I Gonna See?”

Recorded at the studios of Bill Armstrong Pty. Ltd. Melbourne
Engineer, Mixed By – John Sayers, Roger Savage
Producer – Axiom

If Only…

Axiom released their second album, If Only…, in 1971 on Warner Bros.

A1. “Father Confessor”
A2. “Hold the Phone”
A3. “Sailing Ships”
A4. “Talking About It”
A5. “My Baby’s Gone”
B1. “Time and Time Again”
B2. “Longest Day”
B3. “Georgia By Morning”
B4. “Matter of Time”
B5. “Little Ray of Sunshine”

Producer – Shel Talmy

Bass – Don Mudie
Drums – Don Lebler, Doug Lavery
Guitar – Chris Stockley
Keyboards, Vocals – Brian Cadd
Vocals – Glenn Shorrock



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