Aurra were an American soul-funk band from Dayton, Ohio, that released a self-titled album on Dream Records in 1980, followed by three titles on Salsoul and a fifth on 10 Records between 1981 and 1985. The band was spawned from the original lineup of Slave and gradually slimmed down to the duo of Starleana Young and Curtis Jones, who recorded two further albums together as Déjà during the late 1980s.

Members: Starleana “Star” Young (lead vocals, percussion, 1979-85), Curtis Jones (lead vocals, guitar, percussion, 1979-85), Charles “Cedell” Carter (keyboards, flute, percussion, saxophone, vocals, 1979-80), Buddy “Hanks” Hankerson (bass, 1979-80), Steve Arrington (1979) Tom Lockett (tenor saxophone, percussion, 1981-?), Philip Field (keyboards, 1981-?), Jennifer Ivory (vocals, percussion, handclaps, 1981-?), Steve Washington (bass, guitar, drums, trumpet, percussion, 1981-?), William Young (1979), Mike Young (1979)


  • Aurra (1980)
  • Send Your Love (1981)
  • A Little Love (1982)
  • Live and Let Live (1983)
  • Like I Like It (1985)
  • Satisfaction (2013, recorded 1984)
  • Body Rock (2015, recorded 1983–84)

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