Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis were an American jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on small-press Red Hot in 1982.

Members: Mitch DeMatoff (piano, Rhodes electric piano, synthesizer, Moog, Polymoog, Minimoog, Hammond organ), Mike Langland (electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Gene Barrio (bass), Dan Pucillo Jr. (drums, Syndrum)


Hello ….I just want to show my appreciation in your reviewing this obscure record from the early eighties. Aurora Borealis was a band of very prolific musicians ( from California ) that all equally contributed to the music, regardless of who composed the music. As young professional players, we were inspired to try and take the music to different levels, and you definitely were right on with the Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy influence and inspiration. The guitarist, Mike Langland and myself wrote most of the pieces we did ( and there were many ). I composed “Whats Your Status” for this album, but I stress again…my fellow bandmates were as responcible for the content as I was. Obviously this album was recorded before the digital / computer platform became the defacto. I believe all the basic tracks were done in one or two takes with little to no punch ins…how spoiled we are today. As a band we stayed together on and off thru to the late nineties, while pursuing each of our own personal goals. The members were interchanged , reunited and then changed up again. Aurora started out as a trio ( organ / bass / and drums ) back in the early seventies where the band ( then called Horde ) won the Hollywood Bowl Battle of the Bands combo division. We consisted of Gene Barrio on bass, Dan Pucillo Jr on drums and myself on Hammond B3 organ and piano. Years later while recording an album for a vocal artist, Mike Langland was brought in to do the guitar work. While recording the album, the artist found he was short one tune. He metioned to me about using this piece I had written that was basically a jazz/ fusion composition. We did it, recorded it and all of us had an epiphany. After the album tracks were completed, I left for a world tour with Chick Corea. Upon returning, Aurora Borealis ( consisting of Mike, Gene, Dan and myself ) was put together. Although wer’e long disbanded and some of us live in different parts of the country, the influence and great times we had as fellow bandmates, friends and family remains. Thanks again for your recognition of this work. Sincerely Mitch DeMatoff

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