Au Pairs

The Au Pairs were an English art-punk/funk band from Birmingham that released two singles on small-press 021 Records in 1979/80, followed by the 1981/82 albums Playing With a Different Sex on Human Records and Sense and Sensuality on Kamera.

Members: Lesley Woods (vocals, guitar), Paul Foad (guitar, vocals), Pete Hammond (drums), Jane Munro (bass, vocals, 1979-83), Nick O’Connor (bass, keyboards, 1983), Jayne Morris (percussion, vocals, 1983), Graeme Hamilton (trumpet, 1983), Cara Tivey (keyboards, 1983)


  • “You” / “Domestic Departure” / “Kerb Crawler” (1979)
  • “Diet” / “It’s Obvious” (1980)
  • “Inconvenience” / “Pretty Boys” (1981)
  • Playing With a Different Sex (1981)
  • Sense and Sensuality (1982)
  • Live in Berlin (1983)

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