Atlas were an Austrian soul-funk band that released a self-titled album on Bacillus/Bellaphon in 1977.

Members: Rainhard Ploil (vocals), Thomas Böröz (drums, congas, string ensemble, piano), Reinhard Kühne (guitar), Hannes Seidl (piano, clavinet), Helmut Pichler (bass), Helmut Plattner (trumpet), Franz Berka (saxophone), Gereon Wolter (trombone)

Formed in 1975, Atlas was active for three years on the Viennese music scene. The band’s album was engineered at Gorilla Studios by bassist/producer Ernie Seuberth, who soon became a prolific Austrian studio hand. The album includes the space-funk jam “Pasteboard,” the soul-funk/reggae ballad “Skybird Fly,” and the quiet-storm soliloquy “Let’s Not Believe.”

Drummer Thomas Böröcsz subsequently surfaced in New Wavers Minisex and later backed Falco. Trumpeter Helmut Plattner became an active figure on the local jazz scene during the 1980s, appearing on albums by Rudi Staeger and the Plattner & Plattner Jazz Corporation. Keyboardist Hannes Seidl cut an album with funksters Acid before re-teaming with Böröcsz in Minisex.


  • Atlas (1977)

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