Armageddon was an English hard-rock band that released a 1975 self-titled album on A&M. The band featured ex-Yardbirds and Renaissance frontman Keith Relf with former members of Steamhammer and Captain Beyond.

Members: Keith Relf (vocals, harmonica), Martin Pugh (guitar), Bobby Caldwell (drums), Louis Cennamo (bass)

Armageddon formed in late 1974 when Keith Relf teamed with two ex-members of Steamhammer — guitarist Martin Pugh and bassist Louis Cennamo — and former Captain Beyond drummer Bobby Caldwell (not to be confused with the U.S. soul-pop singer). Relf and Cennamo first played together in the original lineup of Renaissance.

Armageddon features five songs: the spiky fuzz-torcher “Buzzard,” the harmony-laden slow-burner “Silver Tightrope,” the windmill riff-rocker “Paths and Planes and Future Gains,” the bluesy slide-fest “Last Stand Before,” and the smoldering four-part epic “Basking In the White of the Midnight Sun.”

Just as the album gained traction, drugs problems and Relf’s encroaching asthma beset Armageddon. In May 1976, he died from electrocution. Armageddon purportedly disbanded several months beforehand. The tragedy occurred just as the original lineup of Renaissance, Cennamo included, reformed under the name Illusion.


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