Armada were an English art-rock band that was active through several iterations between 1970 and 1974, at one point including ex-Velvet Opera/future-Stretch frontman Elmer Gantry. Though no album was released in the band’s lifetime, they issued a standalone single as Rimington in 1973 and another as Rats in 1974. A collection of the band’s recordings was ultimately released by archivists RPM in 2011.

Members: Tim DuFeu (1970-?), Terry Schindler (vocals, 1970-71), Rik Kenton (bass, 1970-71), Gary Windo, Steve Florence (guitar), Sammy Rimington (guitar, saxophone, woodwinds), Kirby Gregory (guitar, 1970-72), Steve Emery (bass), Elmer Gantry (vocals, 1971-72), Terry Cooke (vocals, flute), Geoff Skates (lead guitar), Alan Wickett (drums), Brian Stanley (bass), Colin Ellar (bass), John Donaldson (keyboards)


  • Beyond the Morning: Unreleased Recordings 1972-1974 (2011)

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