Antique were an American Latin-rock band from Miami that released the album Va Cayendo una Lagrima on Audio Latino in 1968, followed by two albums on Funny Records in 1973/74 and fourth on Teca in 1976. Each album featured a different variation of the Antique nameplate: Antique Formula, Sincerely Antique, Antique Sorcery, The Antiques.

Members: Alberto Cuevas (percussion), Manny Salas (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals), Chebi Rodriguez (lead guitar, vocals), Eddy Diaz (lead vocals, percussion), Arturo Blanco (bass guitar, congas, vocals)


  • Va Cayendo una Lagrima (1968 • Antique Formula)
  • Sincerely Antique (1973 • Sincerely Antique)
  • Antique Sorcery (1974 • Antique Sorcery)
  • The Antiques Experience (1976 • The Antiques)

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