Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore (born Aug. 13, 1948) is an English musician and songwriter from London who recorded three minimalist albums circa 1971/72; two issued on Polydor and a third released in 1998 by archivists Blueprint. He subsequently formed the art-pop/folk trio Slapp Happy with American singer/songwriter Peter Blegvad and German vocalist Dagmar Krause. The band released two albums between 1972 and 1974, followed by a merger with avant-rockers Henry Cow that yielded the 1975 albums Desperate Straights and In Praise of Learning. Immediately thereafter, Moore resumed his solo career with an album apiece on the labels Virgin, Quango, Do It, and Parlophone between 1976 and 1984.


  • Pieces From the Cloudland Ballroom (1971)
  • Secrets of the Blue Bag (1972)
  • Out (1976)
  • Flying Doesn’t Help (1979)
  • World Service (1981)
  • The Only Choice (1984)
  • Reed, Whistle and Sticks (1998, recorded 1972)

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