Anonima Sound Ltd.

Anonima Sound Ltd. were an Italian folk-rock/psych band that released a string of singles on CBS and Numero Uno between 1967 and 1971. The band’s one album, The Red Tape Machine, appeared on small-press Arcobaleno in 1972.

Members: Massimo Meloni (guitar, vocals), Walter Monacchi (bass, 1971), Velio Gualazzi (drums), Piero Cecchini (bass, vocals), Richard Ingersoll (vocals, flute, 1972), Lamberto Clementi (guitar, 1972), Peter Dobson (guitar, 1972), Claudine Reiner (percussion, vocals, 1972)


  • “Io prendo amore” / “Cerchi” (1971)
  • The Red Tape Machine (1972)

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