Annabel Lamb

Annabel Lamb is an English singer and songwriter from Surrey who released two albums on A&M in 1983 and 1984, followed by three further titles on RCA, BGM, and Metronome during the late 1980s.


Annabel Lamb was born on September 28, 1955, in Surrey and grew up in Dorking, the youngest of five girls in a middle class family. Her older sister, Jenny, frequented London’s rock scene during the late sixties and attended the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. Jenny socialized with assorted luminaries (Rolling Stones, Ralph McTell) and imprinted this era onto Annabel, who was too young to participate firsthand.

Lamb took up piano and learned her favorite songs by ear. (In a May 1983 interview with Record Mirror, she claimed to have once serenaded house guest Ralph McTell with a piano recital of his recent album). Her favorite song was “Riders On the Storm,” the late-period Doors ballad noted for its moody, misty vibe.

Lamb had a brief early marriage and initially trained to be a nurse. She used money earned at assorted hospitals (Epsom General, Charing Cross) on musical equipment and gained off-hours work as a session player on records by Tina Charles and Toni Basil, including an uncredited keyboard track on “Mickey.” Distressed with small-town vibes and hospital protocol, Lamb moved from Surrey to London to pursue music full-time.

1982 Singles

18 Jun 1982
A. “Tell Him”
B. “All Night T.V.”

6 Aug 1982
A. “I Know How Love Goes”
B. “Electronic Toys

22 Oct 1982
A. “Cinderella”
B. “Safety In Numbers”

Once Bitten

Annabel Lamb released her debut album, Once Bitten, in February 1983 on A&M Records.

1. “Riders On the Storm” (6:00)
2. “Once Bitten” (3:17)
3. “Take Me In Your Arms” (3:27)
4. “Heartland” (3:22)
5. “Backwards Through the Looking Glass” (4:26)
6. “Dividing the Spoils of Love” (5:12)
7. “Hold Fast” (3:46)
8. “Snake Pliskin” (2:22)
9. “Missing” (4:14)
10. “No Cure” (4:50)

Producer Wally Brill

Annabel Lamb – lead vocals, backing vocals, synthesizer, piano, Hammond organ
Chris Jarrett – guitar
Steve Greetham – bass, fretless bass, guitar, backing vocals
Robin Langridge – piano, synthesizer, Hammond organ, backing vocals
Richie Stevens – drums, percussion
John Kongos – Fairlight CMI
Jim Dvořák – trumpet
Adrian Borland – guitar on “Heartland”
Steve Hogarth – piano on “Dividing the Spoils of Love”
Colin Woore – additional guitar on “Hold Fast”
Jeff Scantlebury – congas on “Missing”
Paul Hirsh – panpipes on “No Cure”

Feb 1983
A: Once Bitten
B: Take Me In Your Arms

Apr 1983
A: Heartland
B: Backwards (Reflection)

25 Aug 1983
A: Riders On The Storm
B: No Cure

The Flame

Annabel Lamb released her second album, The Flame, in April 1984 on A&M Records.

1. “Sacraments of Love” (3:59)
2. “Hands of the Hunter” (4:23)
3. “Weapon of Love” (4:17)
4. “Dream Boy” (3:52)
5. “What the Eye Sees” (5:16)
6. “Things That I Fear” (4:42)
7. “The Flame” (3:49)
8. “So Lucky In Bed” (3:05)
9. “Inside of My Head” (3:24) Jim Rawcliffe
10. “Talking to Me” (4:07)

Producer Wally Brill, David Anderle

Annabel Lamb – vocals, keyboards, background vocals
Chris Jarrett – guitar
Kurt McGettrick – tenor saxophone
Jim Dvořák – trumpet
Robin Langridge – keyboards, background vocals
Richard Gibbs – keyboards
Alan Hodgson – drums
Richie Stevens – drums
Steve Greetham – bass
Scott Breadman – percussion
Jo Ann Harris – background vocals
Troyé Davenport – background vocals
Judy Brown – background vocals
Nancy Shanks – background vocals

Mar 1984
A: The Flame
B. “Sisters of Mercy”

Jun 1984
A: So Lucky
B: Dream Boy

When Angels Travel

Annabel Lamb released her third album, When Angels Travel, in 1986 on RCA.

1. “Rope Bridge” (3:40)
2. “When Angels Travel” (4:29)
3. “Mixing” (4:45)
4. “Traitor Traitor” (3:48)
5. “Green Mansions” (4:31)
6. “The Truth Hurts” (4:03)
7. “African Affair” (3:52)
8. “Wolf” (4:37)
9. “Homecoming” (3:19)
10. “Inferno” (4:58)

A: When Angels Travel
B: Mixing

A: African Affair
B: Wolf

A: The Truth Hurts
B: Homecoming


  • Once Bitten (1983)
  • The Flame (1984)
  • When Angels Travel (1986)
  • Brides (1987)
  • Justice (1988)


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